Day 46 – Thur 4/5/18

Day 46 Zero’d at NOC.

The day was uneventful.

In the evening, however, we found out from Falling Leaf and Sunshine that someone took Nooner’s tent thinking it was abandoned and turned it in to the outfitter because there has been a missing hiker and they thought it could have been the missing hiker’s stuff.

Nooner ran to the outfitter to ask, but they said no one had turned anything in. Nooner has the same tent I do, and our tent was not cheap, it is a $400 tent! So, Nooner ran to where his tent should have been set up, following Falling Leaf and Sunshine who were tenting at the same place.

Apparently, on the way there, Sunshine told Nooner that they had been thinking about it and they felt really bad, so they admitted to stealing his sleeping pad (which she was carrying on her pack). She also finally admitted that all of his things were stolen and told him who had what.

Falling Leaf had taken his pillow. Tex/Texas stoke his sleeping bag. They even raided his food bag that was still hung up in the tree!! They took the cord and my carabiner we used! The tent was stolen by a guy named Twigs/Sticks who left with it that morning and was about 8 miles away at the first shelter from the NOC.

We decided we would go get his tent tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

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