Day 58 – Tue 4/17/18

Day 58 unexpected Zero in Gatlinburg… they opened the road to Newfound Gap, but not to Clingman’s Dome… 🤷🏼‍♀️

The first thing KTom said to me this morning was “I’m so hungover!” 😂

KTom can’t hang! Haha. JUST KIDDING!

He was able to leave out this morning since he got off at Newfound Gap.

Nooner called me on my way to the post office to mail some things forward and back home. I was really glad to hear from him! I like to hear him laugh, it makes me happy.

I ended up getting a room for the night at River Edge Motor Lodge – super nice front desk attendants! They let me check-in early too! The rooms are REALLY nice too!

I caught up on my blogs and got a late lunch/early dinner at Howard’s Steakhouse – also very good!!

Then, Nooner called again (he said he’d catch me after he ate all the chips at the Mexican restaurant in Cherokee – haha, just kidding! He said he’d only needed 3 baskets. 😂), and I got to hear him laugh some more! It really does make my heart feel a little fuller. 🙊🤐

I’m bummed I can’t see him now, but I think he’s going to catch me in the Smokies! That’s what he plans anyway… however, I surprised him when I told him about my double digit days! So, he might have to push to catch up to me!.. 😏😁

To put it in his words, “… the plot thickens!”

After eating, I got a drink at Sugarlands Moonshine Distillery, but was run off by the construction workers…

Then, I came to hang out at Blaine’s Bar and Grill for a couple of drinks… hoping to find something to get into tonight… like more trivia!

And more trivia is exactly what I got! I went back to Smoky Mountain Brewery hoping for trivia and there was! Even better though, when I walked upstairs to get a table, I saw some of my favorite people… THE SMITH FAMILY!

I asked them if they wanted to play and it was a “No”, however, I was persistent and we had a great time! I think they were happy they played once it was done.

Also, I was really happy I got to meet the girls of The Smith Family! They are truly an amazing family – so well rounded. I’m really blessed to have met them.

After trivia, I went to a karaoke bar that I had passed earlier in the day. And just as I expected, thru hikers were there! I got to meet this great young couple Justine and Felix who are French Canadians. It was Justine’s 21st birthday! They were adorable!

We had tons of fun! They even got me to sing “Barbie Girl”! I hope Justine had a great birthday!

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

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