Day 55 – Sat 4/14/18

Day 55 went from Siler’s Bald Shelter to Clingman’s Dome – 4.5 miles.

Tons of wonderful views today!

I had actually planned to get to Newfound Gap today, but there was a storm coming in, and I didn’t want to try to get a hitchhike into town if I was wet… no one likes to pick up a wet hiker… I can’t blame them.

A very nice family gave me a ride into Gatlinburg – a late twenties young woman and her parents who were on vacation from Florida.

I had to call Mom earlier that day to get her to reserve a room for me in Gatlinburg because I couldn’t get enough service to do it.

However, I couldn’t get service to get her texts about where my hotel was, so as I got a ride into town, I saw my friend KTom walking along the strip and before I knew it, I had pushed the button to roll down the window and shout at him! I did it before I could even realize what I was doing!! I would have never done that in a complete, but very nice stranger’s car before I started the trail!… the trail has given me a lot of confidence!

So, they pulled over to let me out to meet him and we went and got No Way Jose’s!

After, I was able to get a call through to Mom and we split a room at River Terrace.

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

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