Day 37 – Tue 3/27/18

Day 37 Zero’d in Franklin, but Nooner’s dad dropped us off at Rock Gap where we tented that night.

This morning, we woke up late (aka typical Noon-er fashion). First, we went to a tea shop where the owner talked to us for at least an hour. Then, we finally made it to the Asian King buffet for lunch. I’m pretty sure Nooner ran the sushi bar dry!

Then, we finally got to Sylva to get Nooner’s bank card. After, we made a quick run by Nooner’s favorite place, Ingles.

We finished the day by taking Nooner’s dad to Rock Gap where we were going to tent for the night. While there, we hiked back up the trail about 0.1 mile to a shelter to show Nooner’s dad.

I think Nooner was really happy to have his dad there. He made sure to show his dad how we set up the tent. It was adorable to watch him gain his father’s approval. I could tell Nooner was so proud of himself. I liked seeing him so happy.

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

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