Day 35 – Sun 3/25/18

Day 35 Zero’d at Gooder Grove Hostel in Franklin as day 12 of Dr. Kilee’s 10 Day Rest Plan.

Nooner finally made it to Rock Gap where he hitch hiked into Franklin!

He said he was afraid I had left…

He said he ran out of food, and no wonder with all of it that he left with me!

He also said he nearly froze, but he was just determined to get out there during a cold front!

I was really happy to see him, but I don’t think he was that happy to see me. I ran to the car when he drove in and gave him a hug.

Today, we also found out that Nooner’s bank card had issues, so we had to make plans to get that fixed tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

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