Day 23 – Tue 3/133/18

Day 23 went from Addis Gap to Dicks Creek Gap – 5.4 miles.

Today started off with a huge 1,000 foot climb over 1 mile. It was steep! I left right at noon.

These were all taken from Kelly Knob.

My ankles were hurting so badly though, I was just ready to get to Dicks Creek Gap so I could go to Top of Georgia for the night where my friends were – Vapor, Boss, and Nooner!

I have officially renamed this part of the trail The Never Ending Downhill Mountain of Death!

For me, the downhills are THE WORST! It just murders my feet – uphills are much much easier. And lucky for me, with the exception of the first mile, the rest of the 4.4 miles was downhill.

My friends were really afraid I wasn’t going to make it by 7 pm which is when they closed the gates, but I made it to Dicks Creek at 4:40 pm. Then, I had to make the 0.5 mile walk to Top of Georgia. Thankfully about halfway there the Top of Georgia shuttle passed me as they were bringing back hikers from town and picked me up.

I got checked into my bunk and showered when a guy in my bunkhouse commented on how bad my ankles were swollen. That’s the first time I actually realized how bad they were. I had Vapor and Boss look at them and they agreed I really needed to get off of them. So, I texted mom and told her I was likely going to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

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