Day 16 – Tue 3/6/18

Day 16 Zero’d at the Budget Inn in Hiawassee with Vapor and Boss.

We actually intended to leave this morning, but Vapor and Boss really needed new puffy jackets for some cold weather that was about to hit, so we rode with Buttercup to Mountain Crossings and that took longer than expected, and we did not make it back in time for check-out so we decided to just Zero again.

Probably was for the best considering my ankle is still very injured and the weather was cold and rainy.

We did go try Daniel’s Steakhouse (AYCE), all three of us were very disappointed. We heard mixed reviews, and since we were here another day, we figured we might as well try it. For a buffet, they had no variety in their selection. They didn’t even have macaroni and cheese! For a starving hiker, I guess it would be okay, but it’s nothing impressive. Mediocre.

Vapor, Boss, and I had so many laughs today. Also, Vapor helped me pack my bag and it fits so much better! So very thankful for his help! Go figure the blind guy can pack a ruck better than a visually dependent…! 🙄😄

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

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