Expedition Elizabeth is Officially at Amicalola Lodge

Hey y’all!

Well, after a long day of traveling on the Greyhound, I have made it with Paxley to Amicalola State Park!

My bus started in Memphis at 10 am and went through Tupelo and Birmingham. We got to Atlanta about 6:40 pm. From there, I took the MARTA Red Line for $3.50 to the North Springs Station. Just outside the gate, I met my crazy shuttle driver (haha, just kidding!) Survivor Dave! I highly recommend him! He drove me from the North Springs Station to Amicalola Lodge and on the way let us stop at Kroger for food.

When we were driving up, it was dark and I have got to say, you should check out Amicalola Lodge at night! It is an incredible sight! I highly encourage you to do that!

Today, I have to check out by 11 am. I’ll just be waiting for my hiking partner to arrive and pick me up. While I’m waiting, I might hitch a ride down to the Welcome Center to sign in and get my tag.

We’ll that’s all for now. More updates to come!

Thanks for joining me on Expedition Elizabeth!


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2018 A.T. NOBO Thru-Hiker

2 thoughts on “Expedition Elizabeth is Officially at Amicalola Lodge”

  1. Elizabeth,

    We just met you in the lodge; we wish you all the best on your adventure and admire your strength and courage as you make your way on the trail! Godspeed to you!

    Lisa, Ray, Hannah and Allyson

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