How do I already have a trail injury?!?…

Hey y’all!

So as you can tell from the title, I already have a trail injury… and I haven’t even stepped foot on the trail yet!

Today, I had to make an emergency trip to… my dentist! Yep, the dentist. I noticed I really haven’t been sleeping well the past week (despite my Ambien) and concluded I’m stressing more about my trip than I thought. Yesterday, I started feeling the pain, but didn’t have a reason to think more of it. However, this morning I knew! I woke up with an ulcer between the base of my tongue and jaw bone. Knowing I was going to be hitting the trail on Sunday, I wanted to get this taken care of ASAP! I have only ever gotten an ulcer in my mouth that required medical attention once before… in college… and I was taking physics and organic chemistry (read: torture!). At that time, I happened to be home in Collierville and my dentist treated it for me. Thankfully, I also happened to be in Collierville, so my dentist Dr. Jerry Midyett at Schilling Farms Dental worked me in and treated my ulcer again with some silver nitrate so that it shouldn’t bother me on trail!

Right now, it’s only bothering me when I eat. I’m thinking it won’t even hurt by tomorrow!

Diagnosis: mouth ulcer

Treatment: silver nitrate application

Prognosis: good

Huge thank you to Dr. Midyett for getting me in completely last minute!

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